Thursday, June 30, 2016


trying to put the blog back into action. And im going to blog about my recent trip to japan. Xxx

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Palawan Paradise

Feel so blessed to see such a beautiful place like Coron, Palawan. What a true Paradise.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

State of Mind

Allow me to vent. Maybe its that time of the month again when I can be super sensitive. Well.
Its odd how we could shift from one emotion to another. I think hormones do that, I just can't say which kind of, I have to review books for that. 
I just feel bad, that I have to hide and be guilty of the things I shouldn't, just because other people have a problem with it. Being happy is not something to be ashamed of. I don't really get the point why I have to hide. And just because I am showing it to other people doesn't mean I am bragging. Again, its always about intention. It could just be mere expression. An outlet. If you are feeling extreme joy and depression you have to let it out. 
I am one expressive human being, I get my balance by letting it out, good or bad. I know not everyone is the same and could understand but just because we are all different doesn't mean I have to conform with how everyone and the whole world deals with their own shit. 
I have known people who I think deals with their shit quite odd for me, even if they say embarassing or foul things online, I let them and just respect them. That's what I want to get, so I'll give it. Point raised.

Sometimes when we get too emotional we think too much about things. Over thinking about how things should've been. If we deserve more or less than we are getting or if what we give is too much or not enough. When I get to the point where I am starting to over think about things like these, sometimes it feels like I just been slapped in the face, but then again I tell myself that maybe I am just over thinking and then there I am again, doing the very best I can….for happiness, for Love.

Always aim for happiness. Find it in your heart what makes you happy and go for it. Not everyone will understand you or be happy for you, but BE HAPPY ANYWAY.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Creative juices/Artsy Fartsy

I've been active in instagram for quite awhile now, what keeps me going in this social media thingy is the people/groups that inspire me with things. May it be photography, travel, fashion, music, movies, quotable quotes, anything. I just wanna share 2 of my favourite instagram pages.

They are not only commercialising their products in social media, they also feature places the people who use their bags travel to, their creativity, photography, collaborations, artistic stuff. Photos are just inspiring to look at. 

I've been a fan of UO ever since I first popped in to their store in High Street Kensington in London way back in 2009. Everything screams art. Everything in UO I love.

Boyfriend's birthday is coming up, means that its time to go somewhere beautiful and celebrate life. I can't wait for the short trip to Paradise that I planned a month ago. I need a breather, its becoming more stressful at work these days. It crazy. Remember this post? Well my birthday trip was a success but the 8th year anniversary plans didn't pushed through, due to budget issues coz I bought an iPhone in July. Boyfriend's 28th  in few days is a good reason to go. Paradise next weekend? Let's!

                                                                    (photo credit to owner)

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Quarter 4!

Last quarter of the year is usually the craziest! Especially at work, every single person there is busy, tired and almost panic-y!Well,  the last one is exaggerated but, Yeah! Everyone hustle like machines these days, I am no exception to that. Though, I still love my weekends off and doesn't want for it to be taken away from me, I mean, I am a very hardworking person, I don't even get to consume my 1 and a half hour break at work on weekdays, so my weekend is mine, even though they offer good rates working on weekends, I would say no. People need rest, who doesn't? We make money, save them not for paying hospital bills or purchasing medications in the future because we push ourselves too much. of course, I like my money paying for trips or for shopping sprees. Please.

So, it is weekend, in wee hours of the morning when my sleeping pattern is all screwed up. I decided to just hang around the interwebs and was just re-reading my previous post and I just can't help, but laugh at myself. There are few grammatical errors I found and I just can't believe I made them, typing 'thought' but meaning to say 'taught', confusion with all the past, present tenses, pronouns and stuff. Im not usually this keen on things like these, maybe I have adapted to the kind of environment and work I have right now that we have to be very keen on accuracy of what we do, looking for errors and stuff. But hey, who am I? Even english people make mistakes too, considering I am from a non english as a first language country, I think it's understandable right?! It is only my own people who doesn't understand, even make fun or mock people who like them aren't not perfect too in the language. It's just hypocritical that we have so much hate for Racism when it is us who are number 1 racist in the world. We even discriminate our own people. Unlike other nation, they only discriminate people who came from other places, but us we discriminate each other which is awful right? But what can we do? We live in a very cruel world nowadays, the only thing we could do is not to be like everybody else and at the same time be very careful so we won't make mistakes and avoid being laughed at or being mocked.  We also have to educate ourselves, read stuff be open to things, be very choosy, not all things with so much hype is good, be wise and always try to be a good person.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Hardworking Indie

Flashback to my humble realisations. The experience that really taught me a lot about life. I have ups and downs and never ever regret every single decision I made. I've been to deep shit, I've experienced highs, what I learned is that, as long as you continue to move along, don't stop, then you will never consider yourself screwed up. I'm still in it because I am 100% sure that God is always there to back me up.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Sometime in August

Holler! Life, WORK and laziness get in the way of writing. It has been how many months since I last wrote something, scribbled something in either this blog or some random notebook/notepad or whatever. It's hard to believe that we are in the middle of the year already. January-July passed by like a whirl wind. Gone, just like that. The next thing we know, we are all busy wrapping gifts for christmas. Time really goes by so quick, especially when you are living a life on a fast track like I do. Work has taken most of my time. I don't want it to take over my life though, but the life out of work I am living at the moment is mostly the same thing over the last few months, and let me tell you its not something exciting to share. It has been a routine thing. Just the usual ADLs an ordinary person would do. Not that I am complaining though, don't get me wrong. I am forever grateful for whatever I have, God knows I am. Sometimes, you just want to have time to stop from the routine and do something else. Like travelling perhaps?! Last time I went away, was my birthday in Singapore last April. It was a quick trip but an awesome one. Working hard to have a trip like this again. Soon! :)