Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Layover Contemplation

My birthday which is sometime in april and my boyfriend and I's 8 years anniversary sometime in july are 2 occasions that are coming up although months ahead, we want to think about where to celebrate them at. And instead of buying something material, we decided we want to go somewhere instead. I do love to travel, it gives me that kind of feeling of freedom. When you go somewhere different, where you are a stranger to that place, seeing sceneries you have never seen before, you just kinda forget everything and just live in that moment. But boy, what an expensive hobby it is! But money can be earned, we can always work hard and save for something we really dreamed of having or going perhaps. It's just a bummer that time is very limited. Of course, we have to consider our schedule as well. That's why planning a trip and booking a flight ahead of time is very tricky. There might be circumstances that will occur and plans might not go well as planned. So if we really want to travel, save up, let's clean our schedule, pack our bags and fly! These are 2 destinations we are thinking to go to this coming april and july...

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