Tuesday, December 10, 2013

State of Mind

Allow me to vent. Maybe its that time of the month again when I can be super sensitive. Well.
Its odd how we could shift from one emotion to another. I think hormones do that, I just can't say which kind of, I have to review books for that. 
I just feel bad, that I have to hide and be guilty of the things I shouldn't, just because other people have a problem with it. Being happy is not something to be ashamed of. I don't really get the point why I have to hide. And just because I am showing it to other people doesn't mean I am bragging. Again, its always about intention. It could just be mere expression. An outlet. If you are feeling extreme joy and depression you have to let it out. 
I am one expressive human being, I get my balance by letting it out, good or bad. I know not everyone is the same and could understand but just because we are all different doesn't mean I have to conform with how everyone and the whole world deals with their own shit. 
I have known people who I think deals with their shit quite odd for me, even if they say embarassing or foul things online, I let them and just respect them. That's what I want to get, so I'll give it. Point raised.

Sometimes when we get too emotional we think too much about things. Over thinking about how things should've been. If we deserve more or less than we are getting or if what we give is too much or not enough. When I get to the point where I am starting to over think about things like these, sometimes it feels like I just been slapped in the face, but then again I tell myself that maybe I am just over thinking and then there I am again, doing the very best I can….for happiness, for Love.

Always aim for happiness. Find it in your heart what makes you happy and go for it. Not everyone will understand you or be happy for you, but BE HAPPY ANYWAY.

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