Sunday, November 10, 2013

Quarter 4!

Last quarter of the year is usually the craziest! Especially at work, every single person there is busy, tired and almost panic-y!Well,  the last one is exaggerated but, Yeah! Everyone hustle like machines these days, I am no exception to that. Though, I still love my weekends off and doesn't want for it to be taken away from me, I mean, I am a very hardworking person, I don't even get to consume my 1 and a half hour break at work on weekdays, so my weekend is mine, even though they offer good rates working on weekends, I would say no. People need rest, who doesn't? We make money, save them not for paying hospital bills or purchasing medications in the future because we push ourselves too much. of course, I like my money paying for trips or for shopping sprees. Please.

So, it is weekend, in wee hours of the morning when my sleeping pattern is all screwed up. I decided to just hang around the interwebs and was just re-reading my previous post and I just can't help, but laugh at myself. There are few grammatical errors I found and I just can't believe I made them, typing 'thought' but meaning to say 'taught', confusion with all the past, present tenses, pronouns and stuff. Im not usually this keen on things like these, maybe I have adapted to the kind of environment and work I have right now that we have to be very keen on accuracy of what we do, looking for errors and stuff. But hey, who am I? Even english people make mistakes too, considering I am from a non english as a first language country, I think it's understandable right?! It is only my own people who doesn't understand, even make fun or mock people who like them aren't not perfect too in the language. It's just hypocritical that we have so much hate for Racism when it is us who are number 1 racist in the world. We even discriminate our own people. Unlike other nation, they only discriminate people who came from other places, but us we discriminate each other which is awful right? But what can we do? We live in a very cruel world nowadays, the only thing we could do is not to be like everybody else and at the same time be very careful so we won't make mistakes and avoid being laughed at or being mocked.  We also have to educate ourselves, read stuff be open to things, be very choosy, not all things with so much hype is good, be wise and always try to be a good person.

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