Sunday, December 1, 2013

Creative juices/Artsy Fartsy

I've been active in instagram for quite awhile now, what keeps me going in this social media thingy is the people/groups that inspire me with things. May it be photography, travel, fashion, music, movies, quotable quotes, anything. I just wanna share 2 of my favourite instagram pages.

They are not only commercialising their products in social media, they also feature places the people who use their bags travel to, their creativity, photography, collaborations, artistic stuff. Photos are just inspiring to look at. 

I've been a fan of UO ever since I first popped in to their store in High Street Kensington in London way back in 2009. Everything screams art. Everything in UO I love.

Boyfriend's birthday is coming up, means that its time to go somewhere beautiful and celebrate life. I can't wait for the short trip to Paradise that I planned a month ago. I need a breather, its becoming more stressful at work these days. It crazy. Remember this post? Well my birthday trip was a success but the 8th year anniversary plans didn't pushed through, due to budget issues coz I bought an iPhone in July. Boyfriend's 28th  in few days is a good reason to go. Paradise next weekend? Let's!

                                                                    (photo credit to owner)

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