Tuesday, February 5, 2013


I should be sleeping at this time. I took an anti histamine pill for my allergic rhinitis and took my maintenance meds for asthma, walk the dogs for half an hour. The 8 hours shift at work, the errands I did and all the meds I took, Im still up, and feel like I could still run a marathon. Srsly. I've been trying hard to discipline myself recently, I've been working out, giving myself enough rest when I need to, cutting off my junk food intake, drinking a lot of water, trying really hard to be nice and when I've done something oppose to what I should do or exceed the the limit I gave myself, it actually feels like cheating. Im just fooling myself here. Who am I kidding? No one else but myself. But hell I just couldn't sleep. If I could only bang my head against the wall and not break my skull and internally bleed to death, i would. So now, maybe i'll just accept the fact that I will not get enough sleep today. Therefore, I will not be able to work out later and I will definitely be groggy at work later too. Balls. So excuse me for my ranting. its not really necessary but just for the sake of venting out. there. so im gonna find better things to do, like prolly learn how to play a new instrument. or perhaps shaving my head so i could cry nonstop and put myself to sleep eventually. anything except eating. although my thoughts are fogged up with food right now. sinner!

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