Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Despicable You

These days, there are various of campaigns for a lot of issues that affects humanity. Campaigns for health, environment, politics, poverty, peace, social and so on.
I am not the kind of person who will really take time to support such campaigns. But I do have my own opinions with them when tackled in a discussion I am part of.
And that's why I am writing this. While its idle time at work and I have the extra time to do so.
I can't remember when it was when I saw this poster of some kind of campaign against bullying at work. It says on the poster to wear a pink shirt to support the campaign.
I didn’t wore a pink shirt. not because i don’t want to show support to the campaign or any reason for that matter. We can’t stop things from happening by wearing a lousy shirt.

I’m sure everyone has gone through bullying. Who hasn't? Well, If you haven't, isn't it because maybe you are the bully?
I don't like bullies. Who does? I hate the way they feel like they own you, treat you like a toy, always find a way to ruin your day and most importantly the effect of everything they do with your self-esteem. It's lethal. They play a big role on your personal growth. So screw them.
However, I realized that although I myself have experienced being bullied, maybe in some way I have unintentionally bullied someone too, without realizing that I did.
Because bullying exist in many forms and it happens everywhere and every day, may it be in school, in our workplace, in restaurants, in malls, in the community, even in our own home.
In school where we experienced being bullied because of the way we look and being bullied because of our weaknesses, being taken advantage of the fact that it’s very difficult to say no which also applies to workplace. The unfairly distribution of workloads, the use of power or position to get into someone which also applies to restaurants and malls where they could give you less than what you deserve or paid for or maybe the other way around by the way the customer treat the service crew when they are not satisfied with the service they have rendered. It happens in our own home too, the way we treat our family, boss around the house, shout and fight with our siblings, we lie to our parents, take advantage of the kindness and the freedom our parents entrusted us. lie about money just to get an extra amount of money to spend on unnecessary things. I don't know if all of these are considered bullying but analyzing the cause why it’s happening, it’s like the same.
So how can we be an advocate of some sort of a campaign when we ourselves commit it? it’s hypocritical.
Each of us should take time to assess ourselves before we put ourselves out there in a pedestal and claim that our hands are clean. And every action we do towards another may it be direct or indirect, should take in consideration the intention of doing so.
Actions. It’s always about the intention. Why are we doing it? There is always a rationale, a reason behind. As they say, everything happens for a reason. And me as a rational human being, I always wonder(especially when I have a luxurious time to do so) I may be wrong, or I may be right but for whatever it is, this is just me and who am I to judge? I am just speaking out of experience. And as I've said, I might also have committed it, although I am very vocal about detesting bullies. Maybe sometimes, I have made someone feel less of a person, I may have a valid reason for that and the intention is not to bully but a product of some situation that just came up. So to cut it short (coz its already super long) lesson is, it’s very necessary to think about every action and its intent. And just as a normal human being, we can't always think about everything. So this will just go around like the earth revolves the sun. And we can just think about it and act on it or ignore it and forget it. Choice is ours!
But always remember: Don’t do to others what you don’t want to happen to you. Because KARMA is a Bitch. And when it hit you, it will hit you hard, in the ass. Lol.

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