Sunday, February 17, 2013

Camotes Island, Cebu Philippines Photo Diary

Same as the last post, this was from way back September last year. I went to Cebu with my family, as my dad's originally from there. It was a different scene for me. The island is about 2 hours away from the main island of Cebu. The house we stayed at is about half a mile walk from the small town hall there, it was pitch dark at night and only you could hear crickets outside. But it was really good to be away and breathe fresh air. The beaches are undeveloped but gorgeous. They are waiting to be discovered by known realties and turn into an expensive resort. But I preferred them to stay like as they are which is fine and natural. Very beautiful place. Going underground in the caves are very magical and amazing. The cold clear water in the caves, the stalagmites are just all natural beauty. What a really beautiful sight. The simple life in the province is very much different from the urban, suburban place we are used to lived in, we may not like to live in the province permanently for we are not used to it but to experience it once in a while is refreshing and humbling as well. And to be that close to nature is truly an experience you want to have again, maybe like once or twice a year?

(All photos are Aishykins property taken with a Canon 550D and iPhone 4)

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