Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Material Girl.

Christmas is past approaching, people are busy buying gifts, either for the people they love or for themselves. Since I was kid, Christmas is a big deal for me, not because I was made to believe of Santa Claus. When I was a kid, its only Christmas season my father have enough resources to buy me and my siblings what we dreamed of having all year long. If in the middle of the year, we saw something we really want, we have to wait until Christmas season for our dad to buy that specific thing either a toy, clothes or shoes only during Christmas season. So when we all grew up, my siblings and I always joke about our father promising to buy something only during Christmas season. Of course, we also get to understand that the reason behind it was because it was only Christmas season that he get to have the extra money from either his 13th month pay or his Christmas bonus to buy us things. So now that we are all earning on our own, we always try to give it all back to our dad. Also our mom, but thats a different story with her. hah! Anyhow, giving gifts to the one you love is a great thing but you also have to reward yourself for doing all the hard work all year long. We most certainly deserve it. I am not asking anyone to give me one of these. I can work hard and save on my own. Just like in the previous years' wish list, I was able to made some of those wish list a reality, see. No rush. Christmas is not the only time to give gifts. I have a lifetime to enjoy, sure its not all about material things, its actually the process on how you get them. There is challenge, learning and just having fun. Life is all about that anyway. :)
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