Saturday, June 25, 2011


They are my bestfriends and we call ourselves the POWERGROUP. We've been friends for almost 8 years now but it felt like it was just yesterday when we used to go out a lot and have fun. It's all different now. The word "fun" to us has its own different meaning now. We have our own lives, priorities and responsibilities. But I am very happy to say that my friendship with these girls are growing stronger no matter how far we are, how busy we get, how rarely we talk or even go out complete. We have our differences and we manage to work on it, accept each other's attitudes no matter how good or irritating it is. Its not really difficult to get along with them. Most of the time we are just laughing at the most silliest things.

I became friends with Ianne first. I met her at our college restroom way way back when I was in my first year of Nursing studies in EAC. She was wearing this killer heels and all dressed up. She's putting her make up on, we caught each others eye in the mirror and we both smiled. We just clicked right away. Ianne likes art and good food. She used to make her own accessories and sew her own clothes. We even sell her accessories at school. hah! She always tell me that we could make our own business together, selling things that we like. Ianne is actually a very thrifty person. It may not be obvious with her but she is. She also has this pa-sweet voice some people used to make fun of, but that's actually the way she is. Ianne is one of the toughest person I know. But she also have a very soft spot. I have seen Ianne on her best and her worst. In our younger years, Ianne is the party girl. She loves going out, hanging out with her many friends she met from friends of friends of friends. But her life changes when she met Mark. Ianne's life changed from worst to worse, from worse to bad, from bad to good, from good to better and from better to BEST. I haven't seen Ianne ever so happy before than she is with Mark and their adorable son Enzo. And all the good things she thought was good was never been good enough than having a wonderful loving happy family that she have now.

Nina is a woman of few words. But straight to the point. I became fiends with her in 3rd year college when we were classmates and she was one of Ianne's academic groupmates. Nina is like the odd in the group. Unlike me, Ianne and Karess, who fancy wearing make up, flashy clothes and accessories, Nina is the simplest one. On usual party nights during college, while Ianne, Kar, and me wear high heels and fancy dresses, she wears t-shirt, jeans and her Converse shoes or Havaianas flip flops. But she's starting to wear dresses more often now. Which I think she should because she looks very pretty on a dress. Nina also is the heaviest drinker among us. I think it runs in their family. I have never ever seen her drunk before. Because we always get drunk first before her and Bon. My friendship with Nina become deeper when she went here in the UK. We dont get to see each other very often, almost never. But to know that she's in the same country as I am gave me comfort that somewhere in the UK I have a bestfriend that I can say in no doubt she will take my side even if Im wrong. Her decision of coming home made me sad coz shes the only true friend I have in this country, but I am more than happy for her that she's finally going to be with her love. And now that they just recently tie the knot, though I wasnt there, I know Nina is on the happiest moment of her life.

Like Nina, Kar and I became friends through Ianne. She and Nina are already friends when I met them. Karess used to be a simple girl who have this curly hair, big eyes and smile (I almost say "mouth", haha). Karess talk too much, just like me. Karess and I always fight each other (in a funny way) haha! We always agree to disagree. She's very outspoken. When she got an opinion she will say it, sometimes out loud that gets her into trouble. Karess doesnt know how to tidy her things or very lazy to do so. She's also very clumsy especially when she's drunk. Most of the time she's the first person that get tipsy. We slept over at her house and all her clothes are not folded. But she knows exactly what she's going to put on when she goes out. She also likes to dig in to my bag and look for something she could either borrow or take. And I do the same with her bag as well. Karess and I fight a lot (in a funny way) because that's how we show our love for each other. Through offending each other and our fake fights, our friendship become more colorful and meaningful. We dont really disagree on most things, we actually enjoy and like the same things. I am happy to know that she's finally with someone who takes care of her and take her seriously. Its not really difficult to be with Karess, she is a drama free person (or maybe she just dont tell me). She likes to watch and hear the drama of her friend's life but Karess no matter how dramatic her moment was or is, there's always a mix of comedy in it. And that's just how she is. She is a very loving person to her family, Dabs and to us.

And Me. I'm actually on the part of my life where I am figuring everything out. My life right now is like a big theme park that I am mandated to take each ride. Some are fun and some are really scary. But each ride gave me life lessons and experiences that will help me figure out the purpose being in this theme park. But I consider my theme park like that of Disney Land, the happiest place on earth and where dreams come true. And the best part of being on this theme park is I am blessed to have someone to take all the crazy rides with.

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