Thursday, July 14, 2011

Obviously Unhappy....3 years ago

Browsing through my old multiply site.... This was almost 3 years ago.....

This was written one of those stressful days from work 3 months after I was hired with my 1st ever real job after school. I vent out the most non sensible things. To compare the hardships I experienced when I was writing that post almost 3 years ago is not even half of the hardships I am experiencing now. I wanted to quit but I didnt until I knew the right timing to do so. Everything is timing. At this point that I feel like my problems are bigger than I am, I came to realize that I am way too far from quitting. I am not unhappy now, although things didnt turn out to be what I want or expect them to be. I am worried but hopeful that God has better plans for everyone. And there is a solution to all problems. Just because we have loads of problems doesnt mean that we have to be unhappy. I am still happy and feel very blessed of the people and things that keep me alive, strong and faithful amidst of the difficult moments. =) And I am certain and I claim it to God that I will get over this all. SOON. =)

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