Friday, June 17, 2011

Awesome? Awesome!

I revisited Birmingham today for some important matter, finished that early so I went around the city center and revisited some of my favourite stores. I love stores that play great indie tunes and sell awesome clothes.

Urban Outfitters
I've been interested with this store since I was young but unfortunately, we don't have this in the Philippines. So when I came here in the UK, it was an everyday hobby of mine to walk to their Highstreet Kensington store in London and lust with their awesome clothes and books and everything that they sell. I can spend a whole day in their store. The Indie tune playing at the background makes it more fun to shop here. So when I moved to Birmingham, I was thrilled that they have a branch at the Corporation Street. A trip at the City Center wouldn't be complete without me visiting the store. The only thing I dont loved about Urban Outfitters is that they're a bit expensive. I only get to buy loads during sale seasons.

Cow is a vintage store which sell apparels that are already used. Cool ones. I haven't bought anything yet from the store. But whenever I pass by it I can't resist to go inside and check out some cool finds. There are plenty of stores like this in the Philippines especially in Baguio or Tagaytay. Ukay-ukay also exist here. Go to Camden Market and you'll see loads of them. Well Ukay-ukay are pretty much everywhere here in the UK. Charity shops/ Vintage Shops everywhere. But whether its for charity or not, it is true that there is treasure from other people's junk.

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