Monday, May 16, 2011

Artsy Fartsy

I was on my way home this morning when I passed by an Art shop that really caught my attention. I am not really an artistic person, I suck in drawing, painting, writing, I believed that my photography isn't that good and sometimes I think my fashion taste is too common. But I am in love with Art. I totally forget how drowsy I feel because of the night shift when my eyes caught the young Kate Moss Portrait by Mario Testino hanging on the shop's window. As I set my foot inside that shop, my heart skip a beat. What an art haven it is! They sell books, vintage music disks, posters, cards, drawing, painting, sewing materials and anything that is for Art. =)

The Blackwell's Art and Poster Shop located at Broad Street, Oxford.

They have books you can't find in an ordinary bookstore. Books about fashion, films, music, photography, designs, graphics, everything!

The Blackwell's is definitely now one of my favourite local UK shop. =)

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