Monday, November 1, 2010

The Social Network

Its been a week or so that I was able to watch this film on the big screen together with my boyfriend. And I am too damn bored that I watched it again just now. I am very much interested with this film since I am a facebook user. This social network is quite addictive, I know you already know about it 'coz who doesn't have facebook at this time? I actually don't know anyone who doesn't have facebook. Everyone has facebook. And I think if not everyone I know, almost half or even 90 percent of the people I know is a facebook addict. I myself admit it. I check facebook all the time. First thing I do in the morning I wake up, even when I'm at work I do check facebook using my blackberry, and the last thing I do before I sleep. Facebook is part of our lives. And so when I first heard about this movie, I told myself that I have to see it. It's a great film, I can say. If you're not into cyberwebs, nerdy stuff like that you won't like it. I am very impressed with that nerd's intelligence. I actually dreamt of being a hacker once in my life. During those times that I first started blogging, learning about htmls and the amazes me. But I am lazy. I read books but not a lot. I easily get bored. What I liked about the movie is the story of friendship, betrayal and how a normal early 20 aged person deal with stuff like friendships, break ups, hooking up, trying to fit in, what a normal young adult has to deal with. It's just amazing that a nerd who doesn't have a lot of friends created a social network where he can gain a lot of friends, and turn him to a billionaire. It's like he turn his weakness into a strength. He is just so damn freaking intelligent.

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