Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Efff your liver

This is the other day's outfit. I went out to eat with my boyfriend since we don't have anything to eat at home . I actually thought that Jamie's Italian is open already but it turned out that its not yet open, so we ended up eating at Ming Moon's buffet again. I actually thought that this dress will gonna burst out coz I ate a lot of dessert. Well Im glad it didn't, and I didn't look fat at all. *I hope*

So I was browsing through my favourite online stores and I saw these things and I added them in the list of things I wanna buy.

I think this one is better than the one I posted yesterday. I liked that it's studded. You know how I adore studded things.
An animal printed satchel. I realised that I havent got an animal printed bag and since I do love satchels and this one is waaaay cheaper than those in mulberry. The alexa animal print satchel is to die for but they are tooo expensive for me.
this playsuit is not really necessary, I mean its cute but I dont really itch for it. I mean its ok if i buy it but its also ok if i dont. I just found it very cute. I love playsuits and got few pieces in my wardrobe which I wore last spring and summer season.

And this flask caught my attention. haha. I am not really a heavy drinker. I dont drink on a daily or weekly or monthly basis. Yes, occasionally I do but I want to actually try not to. Most people think its cool or they like to think they are cool if they drink, loads. And most people, only feel strong when they are under the influence. And worse, some people become wild and turn into a whore *excuse my french* when they are drunk. Eew. So this flask is so funny it actually caught my attention. I really want to make people think that drinking could actually fuck their liver. And I would like to give this flask to people which drinking is their way of life.

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