Thursday, May 7, 2009

Blahbing with my mouth shut

Okay this is blogging overload i know, well i decided to put here anything that make me feel excited, inspired me or whatever. so while blog hopping, i came across this blog that in one of her post she mentioned that sometimes when she's too lazy to dress up, she checked in the internet first, browse through the fashion bloggers out there and get ideas or be inspired with them, motivate her to dress nicely or fashionably. i can totally relate to that, when i feel so lazy going to work it manifest on my outfit, i look like i just wore whatever i grab from the closet. i really want to be motivated and avoid those whatever days. i suddenly feels like checking my wardrobe right now and mix and match my clothes. i haven't visit the mall recently, i'm preventing myself from doing serious damage to my savings account. so maybe, i'll just check on my old clothes and see what can i do to make them look like it'll be the first time that i'm goin to wear them. =)

I've been watching 90210 recently. I love Silver's character until episode 17, when she get so obsessive with her relationship with her boyfriend. I'm also into Gossip Girl since the show started back in 2007, was it 2007 or 6? yeah whatever. I love all of them. I think I'm a half Serena and half Blair, when it comes to attitude and fashion. What happened to Jenny? She looks wasted everyday on Season 2. Well, I read that in real life she's playing in a rock band. Vanessa however should be with Chuck, I also read that in real life they are together. So instead of Chuck pesting Blair, he and Vanessa should be pesting each other. Just my opinion, we all have our opinions and I just stated mine on my own blog, hehe. =)

Ah, this will be the first and last time that I'm going to mention this because this is so Highschool. Okay, you know I really am disgusted with people who feels like they are being copied just because they mentioned or posted in their own page the things they love or what they are into and the like, and then suddenly saw someone who also mentioned that they love or like same things as she likes. she feels like she's being copied and posted how she hates it criticizes other people. yuck! grow up sissy! you're not even a celebrity. you can act like a celebrity all you want, but you can not prevent other people to like same things, and don't conclude that they are copying you. maybe you are just too self absorbed to realize that the things you are liking are all over the advertisements. coughs..stupid..coughs okay, that was just another opinion of mine.

I miss John bigtime. He's been gone for like 2 or 3 weeks already. Misha and I will visit his hometown next week. We are very excited to hit Pangasinan! =)

Mixing and matching, let's do it!

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