Thursday, May 7, 2009

Fall to pieces

i'm reunited with my camera. thank heavens. dslrs are pretty much uso these days. but i want a lomocam instead. an officemate has a holga and he brought to the office, i fell in love with it. not to mention its much cheaper. i checked the photos in his facebook, they are awesome. maybe when i have a lot of time, ill go read stuff about cameras and decide what to have but for now ill stick with my dsc t700. ive been doing a lot of thinking lately. i want to quit my job. i don't think i can handle stress anymore, i think im gonna go crazy and lose it. but you know i cant. not now.
2009 is the year to travel..hopefully by next year in another continent.

march: bora- done
April: wala
may: subic (tentative)
June: hongkong...again
July: pagudpud (tentative)
august: puerto princesa palawan
September: lets see
October: lets see
November: lets see
December: lets see

gaaaah...rainy days affects my mood soo much...its all gloomy out here. and my tummy aches. not related. i ditched work yesterday because im sick. it really is true that stomach ache is a manifestation of stress.

I want to have 5 million pesos. so i could quit.

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