Thursday, May 7, 2009

Misha, my baby!

She's 1 year and 3 months old. Daughter of a black and an apricot colored pug, but she inherited her mom's apricot color. She's sleeping in my lap right now while I'm typing this entry. I treat her like a real baby. She eat twice a day, 1 before I leave from work and 1 when I return home from work, so when my schedule changes, her time of meal also changes. She hates adjusting, I can totally feel it. She knows I'm sorry, and she understands. If momma didn't work, momma don't have money to buy her food and chew bones. She's hyper and wants to play all day long even when momma is tired from work, she itches her to play. She wants to go with momma wherever she goes but ends up left alone most of the time. There are times that momma brings her along, and they go to high street to play with other dogs. Misha is loved so much by Aishykins. They are inseparable.

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