Sunday, March 17, 2013

Kicks on Fly

March has been a busy month for me, keeping up with the new work schedule which is on day time, Thank heavens for that. Although the summer heat is blasting, the team realignment and working on new projects, I have no complaints of the recent changes at work. I am actually enjoying the "normal" life, not totally stress free but I can say that change is good.

On the other hand, I've noticed that i haven't been updating any fashion related stuff here, forget all the drama and the life shit I've previously posted, its just a product of hormonal imbalance maybe?! We all girls have that don't we? Hah! 

So I've been eyeing some really cool stuff lately at Nike. Although knowing me, I am not really a sporty kind of chic, well it can change right? Since Isabel Marant launches her sneaker revolution in the fashion world, other sporty brands follow and it was such a huge hit. Girls nowadays can rock a sneaker still looking chic and stylish. Other local and international brands are also following even copying the idea of an Isabel Marant sneaker. I've seen one in Primadonna months ago. So anyway, not that Im going to purchase an Isabel Marant anytime soon, what I'm really eyeing at the moment is the Sky High Dunk shoes at Nike. They even have a City version of those which they will launch on March 27 this year. It's like first world city represent! I saw the New York version of it last month on a post in instagram, and the first time I saw them I wanted to buy them. I'm just not sure if they're gonna launch them here in the 3rd world. I ask my brother who lives in NYC if he could find and buy a pair for me which I think cost about $200 and above, hopefully he'll obliged but I doubt. But whatever, I'll have it come what may, Hah! So fashionistas, ready to rock these kicks and fly! :)

The City Sky High Dunk


The Sky High Dunk Vintage

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