Friday, February 17, 2012


This is what I wore yesterday I went on a simple date with my boyfriend and run some errands before that. I wore a lace dress I got from H&M months ago and layered it with a cropped mustard jumper which I also got from H&M from way way back, the red flats from Zara which I got from last season's sale and the trench coat also from H&M, bag is from Topshop. nothing is actually new there. haha! My closet is filled with H&M because thats only what I can afford. I also have a few Zara and Topshop in there from my occasional visit especially during sale seasons. You probably have seen the clothes before on my previous photos, I just mixed them all together and thats it. I haven't done any outfit post recently and since I had the whole day off yesterday, I decided to do a little dressing up and snap some photos of the outfit plus John's practising some camera settings he learned from youtube. Im keeping myself busy with work, finished school already so its all about work at the moment, Im still on the process of making a decision of what to do next after my course. well lets see what will happen in the next few months, but for now ill just work my ass off and save for tomorrow. ciao!

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