Thursday, January 26, 2012

Facing the Dragon

kung hey fat choi, hahaha! Late reaction? Just so you know, the blog's not dead. i wish i have all the time to update and post more interesting things like photography, fashion and just some random things that are more exciting than ranting about my lousy life here in the potato country. life is consistently hard as usual, nothing is new. everyday is a battle of survival. i've been very busy with work, sometimes i don't even get a day off just to pay some of my debts and meeting the living costs. but everyone has their own battles and its very unfair for me to complain about how I'm doing, some people don't even have anything, so despite of my never ending hardships, I'm still very much thankful and blessed with what I have and capable of doing. and that's the spirit. lol. I guess we just have to take things positively no matter how heavy they are. coz eventually, everything will pass or if not we will just get used to it anyway that it won't feel that heavy anymore. so smile and face the dragon with positivity.

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