Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Celebrating Quarter Life

I just turned 25 last thursday, the 28th of April. It was the 2nd birthday away from my family but it didn't stop me from having fun and enjoy my special day, it would be more fun and enjoyable of course when I'm with my family and best friends back home, but I guess I can't do anything about it. =P This year I celebrated my birthday for 5 consecutive days. Yes, for real, would you believe that? 5 simple celebrations that really made me happy and appreciate what I have in my 25 years of existence in this crazy world. I am very grateful to God for giving me a life full of blessings. I take every experience a blessing no matter how difficult they are, coz every experience gives me realisations and life lessons. And with that I can say, I have lived my life to the fullest. =)

What made my birthday more special is because the day after my real birthday was the Royal Wedding, which i'll blog about on a separate post. =) I celebrated my birthday with few friends I already know from long time ago, my family in the UK and of course my longtime boyfriend. Let me share with you through pictures how I celebrated my quarter life. =)

DAY 1: April 28; A day with Applied Biology Friends way back in De Lasalle. We ate at this Chinese Restaurant and had some cocktails at a local pub here in Oxford. =)

DAY 2: April 29; The Royal Wedding. I went to London coz my aunt will throw a party for me the day after, but we decided to cook something coz I have some close friends coming. =)

DAY 3: April 30; Bbq party. So my aunt throw this bbq party for me. The thing is, almost all the guests are my aunt's friends. haha! I only have one guest, but its ok coz I got a lot of gifts from some of my aunt's guests. =)

DAY 4: May 1; John's Romantic date. We finished early at work so John took me on a date...on a boat. John is not romantic on a regular basis. He's the type of guy who doesn't make too much effort to show his love. So for him to be actually being romantic means, its really special. We ate at this Japanese Restaurant after the boat ride. =)

DAY 5: May 2; A day to the Movies. So typically, we dont go to cinemas to watch movies, we go to torrent and download movies. lol. We went to watch THOR, which we kind of regret. We should've watch Fast and the Furious instead. I think THOR is one of those movies that is better to be downloaded and watch at home instead. I only enjoyed the part where that THOR guy is shrtless in the movie. =P After the movie we ate at this Chinese buffet which ruin my diet. =P

So how's 5 days for a birthday celebration, huh? Fun in it? =P

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