Monday, March 7, 2011

Social Networking. The Bad Ass.

"you have to realize that everyone has the right to say their own opinion. we hope it will be responsibly done, but if not we have no control. we should all be open to the idea that everybody can say anything about you. you choose to be a part of this social network, you should know that everybody can say anything about you, for you and against you. If you can't take it, leave the kitchen. You can not require everyone to behave the way you behave. "

-Boy Abunda

--I often got involved with bashing through facebook thing. A lot of people hated me. I don't blame them. I say things that I really mean and are really mean. Gets? They are not pasweet or anything just to get attention, honestly. They are posted with pure honesty. And I am not stupid to post them and didnt think about the people who might get the chance to read them. Sometimes I intentionally do it. And no I am not sorry. Most of them are true. And people dont like the truth. I intentionally really dont put names. I dont do name drop. It depends on the person if he/she will think that its him/her that I am talking about. If they dont care, they wouldnt bother to react. if they feel its not them, they wouldnt react at all. if its them and they didnt react thats good. but if they react and their name is not even mentioned plus they arent the one Im talking about, well its their problem, not mine. It's like I lit a fire, if you dont want to get burnt then dont get closer. Now if you're burned, then don't blame the fire coz its there, blame yourself for coming closer to the fire. Simple.

That's why when I post something bad about other people on either facebook or twitter, I prepare myself for what other people might say about it, their reaction about what I said. So if I say something bad about you and you say something bad about me, no matter how bad the thing you said, I just accept. Its your opinion. Its your right to say it. You are entitled for it. I wont take it from you.

So same as me, you cant take away my right to say my opinion. this is a free country. a democratic country. Now if you cant take it, you can simply erase me. I'd be delighted. With regards to erasing people, sometimes, I do other people a favor by deleting them on my friend's list. Yes, I AM DOING THEM A FAVOR. If I know that you are not pleased by my post. Whats the point of you being a part of my "social network"? You will surely hate every single post of mine so better yet I'd be gone in your "social network" as well. Easy as that.

There are many times that I heard someone said bad about me, she say this, he say that...blah, blah, blah. And I didn't react. I didn't bother to explain myself, to fight back, to threaten those people, nothing. They just reacted and how they reacted is another story.

But if its my family or a close person who say something bad about me, I make sure that I defend myself depends on what he/she said about me. If the person is important to me, I will explain myself in a manner that I still value my relationship with that person. So if I reacted to you, that means you are important. But if I didn't react, you know what it means.

So this social networking thing, does this do any good to everyone? Hmmmmm.....

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