Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ready for spring?

i can't wait for spring. It is still chilly and I am full of it. I hate every single day that I have to bundle up because of the weather. I already forgot how warm days feels like. Hopefully in the following weeks temperature will rise up and Mr. sun will go out of his hiding place and make all the people in uk feel his warmth.

anyhow, i love this floral print dress i got from H&M and the brogues i got from primark which is very cheap so i also bought the black version. i did a little shopping last sunday after i drop by bestfriend at the train station. I was really sad that she's going home in the philippines for good, but i am also happy for her knowing that she's going to be with her family after a year of not being with them. i know that im not supposed to shop but you know me, when i feel a little down and im all around stores, i just cant help it. =)

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