Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day Offs are meant to be spent by watching movies. good ones.

SInce school started I only have one day off. I am either running late for work or running after the coach to London for school. And when it's my off, the idea of going out to the mall to shop or just to stroll around town doesn't excite me. But just thinking of my bed, ah yes my bed, lying on my bed is the most priceless thing I could ever imagine. So since it was my off yesterday, I spent it on my bed all day. I was wearing pajama all day, eating muller rice, yes, I am all crazy about that rice pudding (I never thought it was that good), and watching bunch of movies, that's how I spent my off. And you know what? I had fun. So lemme share to you what movies I watched yesterday and half of today.

and I still got Blck Swan on my hard drive. More movies, more fun. I am looking forward to a lot of movies this year. Are you?

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