Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2010 Christmas Presents

I didn't expect much from Christmas. God has blessed me with so much for me to expect of material stuff. I am happy to at least share some blessings with my family and friends. All I really want is something money can't buy. And I will not be more specific about this for I have to explain why. But my family and some close friends didn't fail to give me presents that I am thankful and very happy of course.

ZARA giftcard from my TITA. She gave me the same gift last year. =)

ZARA quartet bubble coat from MOM. Tita and Mom are together when they bought their gift for me. Mom always remind me to bundle up so I wont get cold so she gave me something to keep me warm. She also gave me a scarf from GAP.

BODYSHOP body butter and Shower Gel from MARJ. She already went back to the Philippines. We are all sad but also happy for her coz she is happy with her decision. All the best for her. =)

RIVER ISLAND voucher from Djoanna. I haven't spend this yet and tita's gift card as well. If I have the time I'll go for some shopping.

H&M's HELLO KITTY pjs from Gellie. She know exactly how to make me smile. I love hello kitty. She is so adorable. and everytime I wear this pj I feel like a little kid jumping up and down in bed. =)

BABYBLISS turbo hair dryer from MOM. My Hello Kitty hairdryer is broken and I am in dire need of a hair dryer, i rather not wash my hair than go out with my hair wet. It's a major no-no for me especially in the winter.

ARGOS zebra printed shower curtain from MOM. You know I love animal prints. Actually this gift is not just for me but for my housemates as well since we share bathroom, especially me and Djoanna. Gellie and Marj are sharing the bathrrom upstairs but Marj went home to the Philippines for good so Gellie has the upstair bathroom all for herself.

So that's it. My boyfriend's christmas present is still on it's way. I know what it is already, he told me because he ebayed it and it wasn't delivered yet. I won't tell you until it's here. But it's something I wished for. I mentioned it with my previous posts. All Im saying is I can't wait to update my ipod so I could enjoy my tunes with it. =))
(the day after i blogged about my presents, since my boyfriend already told me what present he's going to give me, he surprised me by hiding this under my duvet. i came home from work tired and still feeling ill, when im ready to hit the sheets i bump into this. )

I love everything I got for Christmas. God is really good to me for blessing me with good friends, good family and good boyfriend. Thank you God. CHristmas is not just because of presents but a day when we should be thankful for all the blessings we are showered with. =)

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