Saturday, October 9, 2010


This is an obituary of what has been a good relationship. it was born last july 2005. we were happy. its like there's another world when we are together, our own world. I am the prettiest girl in her eyes and he is the most handsome man in mine. The love grows deeper and deeper to the point that we cant imagine our life without each other. We were happy. There are times when we have problems, small ones, big ones, but we always make it through, without a sweat. We always know that we always have each other through bad times and good times. It was exactly 5 years and 3 months today. There come complications. There comes doubt, lies, jealousy where understanding is not existing anymore and trust is questionable. We get hurt continuously, no one wants to compromise. No one wants to sacrifice. People think of themselves. Love is too strong, it becomes obsession. People become possessive. Where sometimes its too painful. Unbearable. People become fed up and wants a way out. Until one day…the heart beats so fast…it died.
In memory of what has been a good relationship, may we find the courage to accept that it has been a great journey. a love story that will never ever fade. A story we will not be ashamed to tell and be pleased to hear. May the relationship remains in our heart, forever. May we rest in peace.

----HOLD UP. I just realised that it will really take us a heartbreak to write something. I mean really something. I wrote this yesterday when I thought it'll be finally over. I was broken into pieces and on the verge of losing it. I ran away. he ran after me, found me. I don't know what's in store for us. But I dont wanna expect anymore. Bad things will happen and anything is possible. What's important is I tried my best, I risk it all. I may lose or I may win but at the end of the day....I can tell myself that I have lived my life to the fullest because I love.

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