Monday, September 20, 2010

What's inside the satchel

Ive been away from this blog for so long and I miss blogging. This past few months, I've been really addicted to satchels. Ive been planning to do this post a couple of months ago, but ive been really busy with so many things. is what i always carry with me. Dont have to be detailed, just take a look. hehe. Got the bag from Next by the way. I've been lushing those satchels from Mulberry, but they are too expensive and even if I can afford it, I will die if I spend my one month salary in just one bag. So i'll stick with the cheaper ones. Those from Next, Topshop and Neulook are not too bad anyway. and my boyfriend sold my Dslr camera to a close friend. And here is the last shot I had with my digital rebel. We are planning to buy a new one but not at the moment for we have to settle some important matters first. I am feeling a little emotional about this, since this camera is the first gadget I have ever bought since I started working in the UK. Now I understand what sentimental value really means. But it's alright. I know that our friend will take care of the camera. I just cant wait to buy a new one so I can totally get over this. =))

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