Thursday, July 15, 2010

Alton Tower FUN

hi ya! havent updated for quite sometime now. a lot of things happened. mostly positive. after my last post which may sound like i have something negative towards someone, specifically my boyfriend, well, lets say, im just hormonal that time? lol. no seriously, we just came to a point that we felt like we are fed up. but glad that everything's fine now. it actually looks like we didn't fight or anything at all. which is good. after all we've been together for 5 years, what's the point of holding a grudge?
on the other note, i move out of the old house that i've lived in for 6 months since i first came to birmingham. it was the best decision i have ever made coz 1. the house is old and with rodents, eww. 2. i'm just not happy there. im happy that i found a new place that i am very comfortable, very cozy, and i can totally relate with my new housemates. its like all good vibes with the new house im living now. plus we have a very nice and very generous landlord. i'll make a post about the house once all the renovating is done.
i've been busy lately with work, school, running errands for the house and some other paper works. its just too much that i have to go out. so i did. went out of town last sunday with my boyfriend. we went to the Alton towers resort and it was so fun. and last tuesday went to watch eclipse with some of the housemates and other classmates. it was nice watching movie again with all girls. my boyfriend has to run some errands that time so he wasn't able to come.

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