Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Update Galore

In relation to my last post, I've been focusing lately with dieting and I'm glad that it's working. Haven't weigh myself this past few days but I can feel that my abs is starting to flatten so thats a good sign. The last time I weigh was 2 weeks ago and I weigh 53.8kg that time. Before I left the Philippines I weigh 49kg. And for me, my ideal is 45kg. So I have to lose about 9 kg right? I know it'll be difficult especially having a boyfriend who has great cooking skills. But discipline is the key. I know little by little I will get there. And when I do, maintaining it will be another issue. But i'll think about it when I reach the goal.
Im also serious about saving. Yes, you heard me right. I am saving. And I'm also doing a great job in that matter. Well, I haven't save a lot, yet, but I can safely say that there is a progress. Which is a good thing coz Im learning to be wise about spending. It also help that I have a goal why I'm doing this. Same as losing weight, there is a reason. I just hope that all these things will make great sense in the future. Well, I'm sure it will.

I wanna have a tattoo...I've been wanting to have one for a long time now, Im just deciding what to have and where to put it. Now that I know what and where to have it exactly...Im just waiting for my guts. I have to be fully ready coz a tattoo is a tattoo, it'll be in your body forever. It won't be erased that easily or it wont be erased after all so I have to be really ready. I don't wanna over share and spill the beans of what tattoo I want and where to have it. Its a secret. Once I have it, i'll show you.

On the other note, there is a lack of photo updates lately. So I'm going to bombard you with lots and lots today...Random outfits from the last weeks/days that I've been out and manage to snap a picture.

This was at marble arch in london yesterday. We ditched class and went all around London instead. We realised its more fun than sitting in the classroom listening to Steve's (lecturer) nonsense. Anyway, I love wearing hareem trousers, they are very comfortable.

This one's in London too in Westminister area when we tour my boyfriend's aunt around London. The outfits kinda missing something...I studied it carefully and it looks dead. Its because i didn't put any accessories on. I bought a belt from Zara yesterday that can be worn with the leopard playsuit. And I should ditch the black Cover up next time.

At the Corporation Street in Birmingham 2 weekends ago. The weather's kinda confused that time, it was sunny then it became very cloudy and almost raining in the afternoon. I wore something casual. A simple smock dress and espadrilles which are both from H&M wherelse.

I think this picture's from last month. I wore this at school. That time I was obsessed with socks+wedges.

I feel very rock and roll in this mix and match. lol. I really wish i could stop wearing stockings under the dress or skirt and just go barelegged.

This was 2 weeks ago...I love clogs lately. I bought this peep toe clogs in Next just cause they are cheaper than the ones in Topshop. I kinda still want those from Topshop cause they have it in mid heels which is just I wanted. The thing is its so pricey. =(

So that's the latest...haha! Quite a lot. Im in the mood to blog, so there. I think I wanna work on this blog, like change the layout perhaps? Let's try.

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