Sunday, May 23, 2010

Happy birthday =)

Happy 1st Birthday to this blog...i started blogging way back 2003. it was the address, which i already disactivated. it was made after i transferred school from la salle dasmarinas to a small school emilio aguinaldo college in manila. i was influenced by a friend who's really much into blogging that time. since writing and venting out emotions is my sort of thing, i have a diary when i was young, which i kept really really private. i get mad with my brothers and sister whenever i caught them reading my diary and laugh about what they read. its insulting, but when i look back on those memories and the things that i write on my "diary" it made me shiver, haha. Embarrassment. But its something that is part of you, you cant really deny no matter how shameful it is. And blogging is like writing in a diary or journal too. only that its more high tech coz its online. and with this blog i am not ashame anymore...anybody could read this. its not like i will throw a fit like i used to when i was young. haha. reading my previous posts on the coolits blog and here also make me see myself growing..which is the real purpose why i blog apart from sharing my interests and inspiration to everyone. And It honestly gives you that feeling of satisfaction, you feel good when you vent out that emotion in the blog. I've also learned to give limits to the posts i made. yes sharing is good, but over sharing? not cool. coz we have to be careful with criminals on the web, there are frauds out there who can steal your identity and use it to something illegal. plus there are the Haters. the never dying haters who are like leeches who suck out the moment, your moment. they bash you and feel good about themselves even though all you did was vent out in your blog, in your facebook, or twitter just coz those are the things you enjoy doing. whatever i do, they are still there, waiting for the moment i crash down so that they have something to laugh at and feel good coz they thought they are ahead of you. yes thats their forte. we cant do anything about it so might as well just be happy and continue doing what I love doing. after all, its not about them, its about me.

this will be the longest post ive ever written since last few weeks and months. beside from my busy and tiring schedule at work and school, sometimes ive been wanting to write but just dont know how to start and what to most of the time i end up writing 2-4 sentences and just post a lot of pictures. hehe. i hope that i could write a very sensible blog. a blog entry that i wont talk about the haters. just all happiness, my life, how im enjoying every moment of it and the life lessons ive learned without drama. just all good things. well, someday. someday.

For more nonsense and sensible blog entries....cheers!

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