Sunday, March 7, 2010

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i've been so busy. and so lazy lately. missing out a lot on blogspot. but hey im back, yey! nothing much really these days. it's just all about work and school and surviving uk. but there's so much in my mind right now. priorities, buying stuff, going home. there's just a lot that i don't know what to think first. like im thinking of this particular thing at the moment then something will pop into my brain and completely forget about the other thing, the first thing that i was thinking about. weird, right? i don't know. maybe i should take time to organise my brain. lol.
my laptop had broke down few weeks ago and im using my boyfriends macbook since. such a bummer. i love my old dell. i will have it fixed one of these days. but im also considering the idea of buying a new laptop. a macbook perhaps. hehe. mac's really cool. i know cause i've been sucking up with my boyfriend's macbook pro lately. he's kinda irritated with me already coz the guy's kinda OC (obsessive compulsive) with his macbook. haha.
on the other hand, got my first SLR camera (and maybe the last?). i got a canon eos 1000d. too bad i haven't spend time with it lately coz of my busy sched. hopefully one day, i could sit with it and explore, and then go out and take some shots. hopefully the weather will cooperate. it's really odd that its getting colder these days, its supposed to be getting warmer coz its almost spring now. weird. i'll post pics from my digital rebel soon. im just soo lazy right now. haha. im supposed to be making my school paper now as i promised my boyfriend before he went to work. but look, im blogging and at the same time updating my itunes.
anyways....this song's buzzing me lately...

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