Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Confessions of a shopaholic

I never read that book, I watched the movie though. Well I truly believe that every girl out there could totally relate to the movie. Everyone of us has a Rebecca Bloomwood in each of us. Since I'm a little girl, I enjoy shopping so much. Mall is like the happiest place on earth for me, it's like my Disneyland. And since it's sale season, what else could we do?

Since boxing day, I never stopped shopping. Everyday, I always have a new purchase, and it's been what? 5 days ago since boxing day. yes, for almost a week now I've been busy with shopping.
Shopping, shopping, shopping and more shopping in 2010! =)

1. studded vest (H&M)
2. studded high heels (Zara)
3. zebra print dress (Zara)
4. boyfriend shorts (H&M)
5. floral print dress (Zara)
6. vintage printed shirt (H&M)
7. Coat (H&M)
8. pull on jeans (H&M)
9. cow print bathrobe (La Senza)

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