Sunday, August 23, 2009

"Dressing is a way of Life"- Yves Saint Laurent.

I love cheap finds. Why spend more when you can spend less. "Fashion is expensive, style is not. It's not about who you wear but how you wear it. " - Nina Garcia on her book, The One hundred. I don't own a lot of designer items, but who doesn't want to own a closet full of Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang, Chanel, a pair of Loubutins (hope the spelling is correct), and so on. They are too expensive for me and at this point of my life, to purchase designer items is very impractical. Maybe in the future, when I can proudly say I make money and I'll spend them all on the designer items I aspire to have. But for now, I enjoy spending on cheap finds. =)

I love this blue dress. I got it from SM department store for a very cheap price. And the belt I bought in Greenhills was also a bargain.

This gray ruffled dress I also got from SM department store. I love cheap finds at SM department store. They've got good stuff in there for a very affordable price. =)

This gray jumper dress is also from SM department store. When I was still working in an office I wear this a lot. The white shirt was from Zara.

Oh about the sunglasses, I got them from a thrift store in Market Market, my room is too bright so I wear them. =D

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