Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I ran so fast he can't catch up with me

Yesterday I left home early to meet John, we went to greenbelt to hang out before I go to the office for work, we did some window shopping. I saw this camera store at greenbelt, they are selling different kinds of camera, from digital cameras, point and shoot cameras to dslrs, and they are also selling camera accessories like lenses, bags, tripod, etc. I'm thinking about selling my pink DSC T700 and will buy either a point and shoot or a dslr camera. My heart is torn between these cameras. I'm actually looking for a nice yet cheap camera that will definitely produce great shots. I just want nice pictures, that's all.

SONY H10 with hood point and shoot camera

NIKON D40, the cheapest DSLR Camera I found, haha!

NIKON Coolpix P80.

Oh well, I don't wanna rush buying a camera, I will still think about this and will keep on looking for more cool Camera. =)
Yesterday, i received my mid year bonus. Isn't that great? haha! I wasn't expecting to get a bonus because I thought the bonus was for employees who's with the company for 1 year and above only. I'm with the company for just 11 months. 1 month to go before I turn 1 year, but still I got a bonus though I wasn't able to get the 100% I still feel grateful to received half of it.

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