Monday, May 25, 2009

Baby Enzo and Eastwood.

We visited ianne at the Medical City yesterday. She gave birth to a wonderful baby boy Marc Enzo last May 22. She gained so much weight. Edema all over, her face fingers, toes. I can not wait for Ianne to be back to her normal self already, I missed her SO MUCH. My bestfriend is now officially a mommy. I'm so happy for her, her baby is so cute and tiny. I wasn't able to see the baby yesterday because I arrived late, viewing time is from 5pm-6pm only and I arrived at around 6:15. Oh well, but I saw his pictures, and I can tell that he looks a lot like his daddy Mark.
Then me and kar with our boyfriends went to Eastwood for dinner. A lot of chismisan on the way. We roam around for a bit and then decided to have pizza for dinner. Pictures...

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