Thursday, September 13, 2012

Photo Diary: Cornwall

Cornwall is one of the places in England I made sure I visit before leaving the country. The 8 hour travel from London to Penzance is exhausting but absolutely worth it. Who would've thought that heaven exist on earth? That's how glorious I saw Cornwall. I was really swept away by its divine beauty. I went there last April as my early Birthday present from my boyfriend. Although we already agreed that we're going, it was still an impromptu trip. We were waiting for the perfect timing and of course a pleasurable weather, and it was the time that we went home early from work, the weather's pretty inviting and we are both free the following day, 5 minutes of decision making and then the next thing we knew we were in Victoria Coach Station in London boarding for the Bus heading to Penzance. So to cut the story short, it was a rad excursion, one of the best places I've been so far. I will let the pictures say for itself.

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