Saturday, February 26, 2011

The complications of a "hanky-panky"

"Adultery-voluntary sexual intercourse between a married person and a person who is not his or her spouse."

I don't know why people do it. I know a lot of people who have done it, doing it, and plan on doing it. Whatever reason may it be, I still ask the question why? Is it worth it? The complications, the drama, the pain? Does the world really turning evil and made it acceptable in this generation? Was it really enjoyable? I really don't get it. I truly believe that this thing is immoral not because everyone think so, but just for the simple reason that it is truly immoral.

I want to understand how it is to be a mistress. Just to know his/her side of the story. Just to give it a little benefit of the doubt. Coz I always get the sympathy of the spouse who's been cheated. I have talked to a couple of spouse with adulterous partners, and from the conversation, I truly feel the pain they are feeling. The sorrows, the betrayal and some sort. You can see it in their eyes. It is beyond painful actually.

So this thing they called "affair". I don't buy it. I don't. I detest it. I condemn it. With all my heart I do.


Because I don't get the point why people do it. Im sure there are millions of reasons. I heard most of them from people I know, and to tell it honestly they are all Bullshit excuses. It's crap.

Don't tell me "lalaki lang ako, I have weakness" (Im just a man, I have weakness) Because if you really want to fuck and can't help it, there's your wife who wants to do it with you all the time. Or if you're in a long distance relationship, do it online. It's excused. Or do it yourself if you may. Rather than committing a sin that you will surely going to regret for the rest of your life.

Don't tell me "I don't love my wife anymore, Im fed up with her". Another bullshit reason. Then before you have an affair with another person, annul your wife. Tell your wife I don't love you anymore, let's separate. That's effing plain and simple. Than making things more complicated by sleeping with a skank on her back.

And don't tell me "My wife is a bitch, so Im going to revenge". That makes you the biggest A**hole. Dude the problem won't be solved with making another problem. You're just making it worst.

And to the mistress...The BITCH.

What's up with her? Why of all the single men out there she choose to be with a man who is already taken, married perhaps. Are they enjoying the complications? Are they deprived of something when they are a child? Were they abused? Were their parents do the same thing? Whatever reason the mistress have for doing such immoral things won't make her a WINNER. She's fighting a battle without any weapon. At the end, she's left with nothing even a dignity. So my question is, was it worth it? She ruin her life, she ruin the man's life, she ruin a family. Is she happy?

I guess the mistress is enjoying all the attention she's receiving right now, only that people look at her as nothing but the BITCH that ruins the family. HOME WRECKER. A cancer in a family.

And to the spouse to experience all this crap, no matter how nagger you are, how possessive you are to your partner, no matter how clingy you are, you don't deserve it. Most especially if you have a child. You don't deserve the disrespect, the betrayal, the lies. You don't. And if I were you I won't stop fighting for your right.

I have high respect for women except those bitches who tries to ruin a relationship and a family.

My boyfriend always tells me..."it's not your story to tell. It's their lives not ours. So don't put yourself in a situation that people will look at you as the bad guy here. Remember its their lives not ours. You're just a concern citizen who believes that such thing is unacceptable. Let's just sit back and relax and let the KARMA do its job."

_it's just so hard that this is actually happening to a person we are really close with.

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