Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I can't believe its almost Christmas. I still cant feel the spirit. I've been always on the go, my life lately revolves on work, work and work. i even get little time to rest which kinda suck but I am still grateful for the blessings that I am receiving. There are only 3 things I want not because christmas is past approaching but you know me, I never ran out of things to want. lol. well, im not really rushing to buy these things, or maybe i'll end up not buying them coz forget about them in the future. if i had the chance (and the moolah) i'll do buy one of these or maybe all of these, one at a time, of course, but for now lemme just wish on having them. hehe

off to bed tomorrow. argh. one more day til my mom arrives in potato land. have to clean my rooooom. gah.

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