Thursday, April 15, 2010

The list goes on

my birthday's coming up in less than 2 weeks. im turning 24. getting old yikes. how i wish i could stay 21 all my life but we know i cant coz its not s'pose to be going backwards... they say, getting old shouldn't be something to be scared of but sometimes it does. like seriously. but neways, you might notice i keep talking about my birthday recently, well, im not usually fussing about my birthday, but recently i do because i just wanna make a good excuse to be happy and have fun. i know right? i must be sad. its lame. but whatever.
i decided that i'll celebrate my day in london. just me with my boyfriend and my aunt. we're going to ride the london eye. with champagne, balloons in hand and a small cake with candle to blow and with the amazing view of London on a wednesday afternoon, its enough. i think it'll be a perfect 24th birthday. simple. it kinda suck that im away with my family. but they actually told me that they'll celebrate at home too and we will have a chat...and sing me a happy birthday. haha. but im out of town so i wont be able to catch that.
ok, so i already got my birthday gift from my boyfriend. it was a gucci tote bag he bought for me when we were in bicester village. it was simple. and i know that it was an end of the line item and it wasnt that super expensive, well a bit expensive but not really as in super mega expensive and i know that you prolly would say that you can get exact same Gucci in Greenhills but you know it was different coz it felt very special because john is very thrift guy. it wasnt very often that he give gifts so it was really something that made it very Awwwwwww. hehe. know me. That my wishlist is never ending. i just couldn't stop wanting and wanting things. i just couldnt help it. if i could only close my eyes and not see all these wonderful things, I would. But Im just a girl.
So here are some of the things I still wanna receive..haha. or buy for myself for my birthday or for just an ordinary impromptu shopping when my impulsiveness strikes.

Tamron 75-300mm digital SLR lens £169

Influence by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen £20

Mini Cooler available at Argos £24.95

Mini Sewing Machine £25

Diana F+ CMYK £85

If im going to use my debit card for all of this at the same time, Im going to be soooooo broke. but i wouldnt. and I wouldnt use my mother's credit card either coz my mummy will be furious. and you think my boyfriend will be generous enough for all this? haha! and you will think that im being tooo much. i know i am. all my love ones know i am. and they still love me and sometimes they tolerate me. they even spoil me sometimes. but i shut up when they say its enough.
well, i might not get them all at the same time, but sooner or later i will have these things. after all, its my birthday. hehe. =)

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