Friday, December 4, 2009



Describe your style in three words:
fun, edgy, moody (coz i dress up according to my mood)

What is your must-have for fall/winter/spring/summer?
Skinny jeans.

What's your favorite piece of clothing?
as of now, my faux fur leopard jacket is my absolute favorite

Your favorite designer?
marc jacobs

Do you have a favorite color?
black, grey, white, red, blue, purple

Any fashion icon?

no one in particular. simple people can be my icon.


Describe a perfect day:
walking around the city of london with sunshine, a little shopping and chinese food for dinner.

What's your favorite place in your city?
London is quite a big city. I haven't explored the rest of London yet but Westminister area is my favorite.

Favorite Shop?
Urban Outfitters, H&M, River Island, TOPSHOP and ZARA. Never fails.

Where would one run into you on a Saturday night?
Having dinner at one of the greatest Chinese Cuisine in Picaddily. =)

If you could choose where would you be living? (place and time)

I haven't been to New York and Paris. I want to explore big cities of the world. And when I finally do, I'd answer this question.


What are you interested in?
Fashion. I always dream of taking it seriously when it comes to fashion. If I already establish enough in my Nursing field, I wanna give time in taking serious fashion. I don't wanna be a model. Styling is what I'm more interested, I'm not good in drawing so designing won't be a good idea.

The world would be a better place if:
If people will stop pulling each other down. And learn to Respect.

Do you have a characteristic most people don't anticipate?
That i enjoy being alone.

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