Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Answered Prayer

Now that it's official, yes I'm leaving soon. I finally got my entry clearance this afternoon so gotta pack my bags yo! I'm flying to Landontown! I'm extremely happy about this because God knows how bad I wanted this, how money I've spent, the effort I've made, the prayers I've prayed, the hopes I hoped and the whatnot. I'm really blessed. God's been continuously good to me. i can really feel His love to the bones. I can't wait for my boyfriend's to be release too. Yes, we're going together. Isn't that sweet? We can't handle the distance so we're going together. Cheesy much? The only thing that saddens me is, leaving Misha. You know how much I love her, she's my baby and my heart will be broken into pieces leaving her. A tear is actually falling in my cheeks by the thought. In less than a month we're going to be separated. Sad thoughts.

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