Saturday, August 29, 2009

Drive me crazy

Yesterday we went to rockwell and I saw these amazing shoes in black with zipper at topshop. Just when I finally decided to buy them, they don't have it in my size. I almost cry. Seriously. On my way home, I'm all quiet and still thinking about the shoes. I just think those pair are the perfect shoes I've been looking for, not too tall heels, they were comfortable. Sad.

On the lighter note, me and my boy were about to go the agency yesterday when the agent called and informed us that our school papers already arrived. She scheduled us for the online visa application on friday (Sep.4) and our lodge at the embassy on next monday. Well, it's about time. We've been waiting for them since last week. I just hope everything will run smoothly.

My tita is obliging me to have driving lessons. I'm still learning the basic and hopefully I'll learn fast. =)

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