Sunday, June 28, 2009

I will be back whatever it takes...

The timing wasn't great last June 17- 23 so i wasn't able to come with the Girls (Miann and Angel) when they went. My ticket was put into waste because it was not refundable, it was a promo ticket, although re bookable, the re booking price is more expensive than the cost of the ticket. So I decided, okay I will not use it. Almost 100 dollars was put into waste. I didn't regret the decision, it really was not the best timing. There's a lot of things going on with work, with the pandemic, and everything. I feel sad and ashamed with the Girls because first of all it was my idea. So I told them to go without me, have fun and make the most out of their trip. I gave them tips on the best places to see and to visit. I gave them my itineraries and maps of my last trip there. I'm excited for them, I really want them to enjoy their trip. When they left, I'm praying and wising for their safety and I can't can't wait to hear from them, to know the places they've been to, what they did, everything. Because in a way, I feel guilty for them that I wasn't able to join them. So when I heard that they came home early than expected...because of some family emergency that Angel had. I feel sad for them. And the worst part is, the two were quarantined for 10 days because one of the passengers during their flight to Macau has a AH1N1. They were supposed to be quarantined at Macau for 7 days but the two went to Hongkong just before the Macau officers fetched them at their hotel. Their supervisor at the office knew the incident through Angel so they were quarantined here for 10 days. I don't know but in a way, I really feel guilty about what happened. From the start, I really sensed that the timing was not perfect. Well, what happened already happened and we can't do anything about it anymore. I just wished that the girls will be ok soon.
On the other hand, I really wanna go back. And if there's a good reason to go, I will do whatever it takes. So hopefully this July, me and my boyfriend (John) will push through going to Hongkong. Even for just 3 days, it will be great for us, for our 4 years anniversary. I hope everything's going to be smooth. =)

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